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My Name is Stacy McNeeley, I am the mother of Harmony Smith and the Founder of The Harmony Smith Luv Foundation. My daughter Harmony was Diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy, caused by Placental Abruption. Harmony spent the first month of her life in the hospital NICU, where she was treated and provided medication to help with her diagnoses. Upon her release from the NICU unit at the hospital, she was prescribed medications and physical therapy to help with her muscles spasms and quadriplegia symptoms. I knew at that moment, I had to become my daughter’s best advocate to make sure she was receiving the best care possible, to afford her a quality of life. I trusted my instincts and always questioned medical doctors’ recommendation and got seconds opinions and sometimes third. Through all this, I educated myself on what Harmony needed and decided to take her off all the medication and pursue Holistic Treatments and Alternative Medicine, which resulted in vast improvement.

Harmony had a remarkable turnaround after receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, she was able to maintain a normal oxygen level of 100%, maintain a normal temperature and eat pureed foods instead of Interveinal supplements. After receiving Craniosacral Therapy along with Homeopathic Treatments and Biofeedback, her eyes became centered and her head structure was more round not flat as many children affected by C.P. Harmony started to do things that she had never done before, recognized voices and would turn to the sound of her name. She also responded to touch and suckered her tongue when she was relaxed or something felt good to her like being massaged. After receiving Chiropractic, Reflexology and Acupuncture Treatments her spasticity was less and her limbs were not as tight anymore and she showed no signs of seizers. The Acupuncturist made her herbs especially for Harmony’s spasms. Prior to the Holistic and Alternative medical treatments, Harmony’s body frequently fluctuated between extremely hot and cold temperatures. She was very cold, stiff and lifeless, she had limited mobility resulting in her neck seeming stuck to one side. Harmony frequently appeared to be in pain, but couldn’t articulate it. The Treatments she received were remarkable, she eventually looked and felt as if she was a normal child without cerebral palsy. While still suffering from not being able to walk or talk. Due to the amazing intervention and care my daughter received we were able to eventually enjoy the basic cuddling and loving interactions between a mother and child. Which are so often taken for granted, nevertheless I loved her dearly and miss her so much.

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--Stacy McNeeley

December 16, 2006 - August 18, 2013

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