The Harmony Smith Luv Foundation
and Treatment Center for
Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Harmony Smith pictured in a charcoal drawing


The Harmony Smith Luv Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Corporation that is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.


The Harmony Smith Luv Foundation's main goal is to provide underprivileged, special need children, living with cerebral palsy and their families, with the highest quality of life.


The Harmony Smith Luv Foundation for Kids with Cerebral Palsy is committed to serving the needs of families affected by cerebral palsy. Families who are desperately searching for answers, and for affordable resources to obtain help and care for their children with Cerebral Palsy by:

  • Educating families about all available treatment options, including traditional medicine and holistic healing.
  • Providing informational pamphlets and a forum for discussion.
  • Providing referrals to affected families for both traditional medicine and holistic treatments, including but not limited to:
    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    • Chiropractic Treatments
    • Craniosacral Therapy
    • Stem Cell Treatments
    • Biofeedback Therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Reflexology
    • Massage
  • Providing critical care services free of charge or at an extremely reduced rate, done by qualified licensed professionals, in a stress-free in-home like environment. Where the children can feel a sense of wholeness and wellbeing with a natural and organic approach with minimal side effects.
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